Thursday morning we had our annual meeting with our District Governor Rick Gromis.  Gary Rohrbach had the pleasure of introducing him and explaining that Rick is form the Reading area.  Rick is a 1975 college graduate and he joined Rotary immediately after graduation.  Rick's girlfriend's father at the time was a District Governor and Rick thought it would be a great idea to join Rotary.  Rick has two children - both Rotarians - and his wife is a former President of her Rotary club.  Rick began his presentation by fining Dale $5 because he could with the power of District Governor.  Rick took the time to congratulate us on our Golf Tournament.  Rotary is making a difference.  The theme is exactly what we do as Rotarians.  Membership is declining in the US.  Rick wants all clubs to do their best to increase membership and membership retention in all clubs.  We can do this by making all members connected.  People join Rotary for three reasons: Networking, Service and Fellowship.  Next he explained about the District conference "Take a Ride on the Reading" on April 27, 28 and 29.  It is an a la carte Rotary weekend where you can attend as much or as little of the conference as you like.  The cost for the entire day on Saturday will be just $99.  The Saturday night entertainment is Bill Haley Jr and the Comets.  Rick went over his thoughts for his Rotary year for Membership, Strategic Planning, and By Laws and they are current.  All in all, it was a fine meeting.  If you want to hear the whole meeting, it will be up on our You Tube page by early next week.