Thursday morning was an event.  The Vocational Training team that traveled to Africa had a few moments to tell us about their experience.  This was one of the first VTT for secondary school ever undertaken by Rotary.   The focus was science and social science curriculum.  Melissa and Michael the teachers from East Penn that had the enviable position of having two weeks in Zambia in the town of Emufa (Em FU eA).  The group traveled with over 1000 pounds of equipment, and their own clothes.  They showed us their wonderful and eventful morning drive to school every day that went through one of the most animal rich parks in the world.  Lions, Giraffe's, Elephants, Birds, Cheetah's etc.  I think you get the picture.  Along with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  You can  see the you tube presentation at Emmaus Rotary you tube.  (Half of it anyway.  My half is getting there)  Below are some pictures taken during the trip.  
In the pictures above you can see the school, Cindy giving a talk at the school and the expansiveness of the daily items Melissa and Michael used to help educate the students with science.  Also a picture of the animals present in the park on the drive back and forth to school.  Please watch the You Tube presentation to her what Michael and Melissa have to say about their adventure into Zambia.