Posted by Rick Zayaitz
The Rotary Foundation -  Paul Harris Awards
       Every Rotarian has heard of Paul Harris, the Chicago Lawyer, who founded Rotary with three friends in 1905.  His vision is what we support today.  This week is our Emmaus Rotary Paul Harris Award Ceremony.  ALL ROTARIANS PLEASE WEAR THEIR PAUL HARRIS MEDALLIONS.  Recognition of Paul Harris Fellow Rotarians is something we do at least two times a year.  Remember when you give your $5 to EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year -- giving $100 toward the Rotary Foundation) every week? When that amount accumulates to $1,000 any Rotarian can be rewarded with a Paul Harris Medallion.  Below is a short history of the Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Reward.  Please continue your support of the Emmaus Rotary EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) when you sign in in the morning. 

The history of Paul Harris Fellow recognition