Posted by Richard Zayaitz
I believe that many of us do not remember what Rotary stands for and what causes we are looking to aid for the benefit of all mankind.  See above the six areas of cause we pursue to make the world a better place for all.  When we join Rotary we usually join because some person, friend, or significant other thought we would be a benefit to an organization that puts these six causes at the fore-front of their community service here and abroad.   That someone in my life was Eric Loch who knew I was looking for something for me that could give back to the community that supported my small business at the time.       
Take a moment and thank the person that thought enough of your friendship to ask you to join an outstanding team of like minded individuals committed to the 6 causes above.  I know many of you understand that during this past Rotary year we have undertaken the challenge of helping the hungry in the East Penn Area School District along with our friends in the Lehigh Valley.  We are rescheduling our meeting with the Superintendent hopefully for March 1, 2019.   Let's do our best the help these young people be successful in life.  '
Thank you for your support during this Rotary year.  
Yours In service