Maya spent one year in Besanton France.  She attended L'Ecole National D'Horlogerie de Mercanique d'Electricite high school.  She spent a lot of time in the town of Besanton.   There were 19 other exchange students in her region but approximately 500 other exchange students in France at the same time.  One of the most interesting things I took away from her talk was that each student always carried their national flag with them at all times.  The students exchanged pins, and took the time to write on each one's flags before heading home.  
          Maya found it interesting that when traveling from France to Switzerland there were not any customs, or borders patrols.  Her French improved tremendously through out her year with her two host families.  
          Maya brought both of her parents to Rotary breakfast to enjoy her presentation along with providing some interesting side bars.  
           France has a college based school program which starts at 8:30 am with a 2 hour lunch and evening dinner usually starting at 8:30 pm.  Every two months French h students have a two week break.  Lunch as was stated could last two hours where a typical French dinner with guests could last up to 6 hours.
           Maya discussed Christmas and explained that each  person put out their shoes Christmas eve and the presents were placed by their shoes waiting to be opened Christmas day.  
         She learned to enjoy French cheese with every dinner.  Maya explained that all Meals were very long.  She showed a lot of pictures of her town but more descriptions of food, tables with food, and tables set ready for food.  
         Her host family's father was a surgeon and her mother was a Psychiatrist.  Her first two week vacation was spent in Paris.  Her other vacation was with her other exchange students traveling to 7 other countries.  She did spend some time skiing in the Alps.  She enjoyed her time in France and thanked all off us for providing the opportunity to spend time in France.
A follow up email with video will be sent of her presentation.