Our weekly meetings are often chock-a-block full with announcements, birthdays, special recognitions, fines & happy dollars and, of course, great speakers.  With our commitment to end meetings as close to 8.30am as possible, sometimes we have to shorten a segment here or there to complete the meeting on time.
As Club President, I receive many thank you notes and letters from those we serve in our local community and around the world.  And, I try to read as many of these at our meetings as possible.  But, sometimes our jam-packed program does not allow me to read every letter aloud.
This week, I received several thank you letters that had accumulated over time with Diana Frain - the very able assistant in the office of Chris Wills who actually generates the checks sent to our project beneficiaries.  As you will see, some of these letters were received some time ago.  But, the passage of time does not diminish the sense of gratitude that comes through each and every one.  Follow the links below to see the impact of your contributions in our own backyard and around the globe.
Thanks to each and every one of you for the generosity of your time and treasure to Make A Difference in so many lives.
Yours in Rotary,