As many of you know, Dale Dries stepped down recently as Sergeant-at-Arms of Emmaus Rotary Club.  Dale is facing some health challenges which will limit his meeting attendance going forward.  So, he feels this is the time to pass the baton to another member of the club.
After discussions with several members, the Executive Committee recommended and the Board of Directors approved the appointment of Don Blose as the next Sergeant-at-Arms of Emmaus Rotary Club.   The Board also approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation of Valerie Deneen as Don’s primary assistant.  Don will begin his new responsibilities at this week’s breakfast meeting.  Congratulations, Don and Valerie!
A few more words about Dale’s service over the years as Sergeant-at-Arms…  It goes without saying that Dale is an outstanding sergeant.  Like many Emmaus Rotarians, I always looked forward to the Fines & Happy Dollars portion of our meeting.  With his sharp wit and ingenuity for inventing fines, Dale always delivered a lot of laughs and, importantly, raised a significant amount of money for the club.  I’ve visited many other Rotary clubs throughout the USA and other countries and have never witnessed another sergeant like Dale.  He is truly a one-of-a-kind.
With that in mind, the Board of Directors has appointed Dale as Sergeant-of-Arms Emeritus of Emmaus Rotary Club.  This not only provides Dale with the recognition he deserves for being an outstanding sergeant for so long.  But, will allow him to continue to assess fines from time to time!  Congratulations, Dale!
Yours in Rotary,