I am driving on I - 78 and what do I see?
       A bus wrapped with the Rotary Logo and the 4 way test!
       What a way to get the word out about Rotary.  Branding and telling our story is something we all need to work to improve.  As Rotarians we kept our secret to ourselves for so long many people do not know who we are or what we do.  
        Younger people utilize social media to see what is happening in their communities (we are working on improving our efforts with respect to social media), middle age people still read the paper, watch the news and see the signs like the one pictured here.  Mature people rely on the TV news, weather channel and word of mouth.  
       We all meet new people every day, take a moment and remind your friends, family and colleagues about your service in Rotary.  Whether you use social media, the newspaper, or a friendly chat around a cup of coffee WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT!!! 
       We are a friendly group of individuals working to make the lives of others better in many ways.  Do not be afraid to be proud to be a Rotarian.
Yours in Service 
Rick Zayaitz