Last week, during the business meeting,  I touched on how to get your information updated in Clubrunner.  Clubrunner is the software platform we use to put out the Trumpet, learn about Rotary, and keep in touch with our district and Rotary International.
      First, go to our homepage... Emmaus Rotary. Now you can log in.  Look along the menu bar and press Club Directory. Now you can personalize "My Club Runner".
      Your username which cannot be changed is your first name followed by a period and then your last name followed by a period and then the number 6560.  For example mine looks like this   richard.zayaitz.6560   Note: you all call me Rick, club runner uses Richard. Then you will be asked for a password. Enter the word (service).  Feel free to change your password for increased security.  Now you are logged in. Check things out. Look at the Club Directory. Go to "My Club Runner" Now update your information. Add a photo!
     This helps us keep our records correct for work categories, age demographics, information for our district to use to give us the opportunity to blossom as a club. 
     The other reason I am asking for your help is the executive team is always working on the Presidential citation and this is one area of the citation where we can excel.
     Please feel free to let me know if you are experiencing problems. There are several of us who can help you. 
Yours in service