Thursday morning we had the pleasure of JP and his committee inducting 4 new members into our club.  Each new member has a sponsor and their sponsors had a few minutes to introduce each new member and tell a little story about them.  Bruce Fosselman introduced the first new member Richard Ward.  Bruce works with Rich's wife in the office of Lower Macungie Township offices.  Rich works as a Senior Vice President of Alliance Advisors in New Jersey.  In June Rich was appointed to the Lower Macungie board of Commissioners.  He served on several Lower Macungie Township Committees before taking on the responsibility of commissioner.  The second member to be inducted was Elijah Ngugi.  Elijah could not make the presentation but Nelly, Elijah's sister and sponsor had a few words to say in his absence.  Elijah was born in East Africa, he is studying to be a minister following in their father's footsteps.  He has a Masters in Clinical Counseling and he is presently practicing counseling today.  He wrote a book "The Eagle that refused to dance with the chicken".   Our next inductee is not new to the club but she has been traveling with her husband Gary Rohrbach on many Rotary trips through out Gary's career in Rotary.  Dee Rohrbach worked for Gary's Tree service until her retirement last year.  Gary, her husband and Cindy Hornamann were co sponsors for Dee for membership.  Ceil Birdsell had the pleasure of introducing her new member Kelliann Herman.  Kelliann is currently employed by LVHN, and has been for the past 35 years.  She is a senior specialist (student Affairs) in the department of education.  She is responsible for Student affairs with regards to LVHN's partnership with the University of South Florida.  She coordinates transitioning students from the select medical student program of USF. 
         Bob Rust presented new member pins.  Don Blose gave out tee shirts to the new members and Valerie Deneen explained the 4 way test.
        JP had the pleasure of presenting perfect attendance pins to a number of Emmaus Rotary members.  Our first members are new perfect attendance receivers.  This included Jeff McElhaney, Cindy Hornaman and Don Blose.  Burt Duren has 4 years perfect attendance, Fred Herman has 5 years, JP has 11 years, Dale Dries has 45 years, and Wilmer Schultz who has 67 years of perfect attendance.  Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the new members and thank the perfect attendees for their service to the Emmaus Rotary Club.