Another amazing story from one of our own.  Doug Brinker is a local born in Macungie and related to everyone (not really).  He started his picture presentation describing his experience at Camp La Jeune.  Doug graduated a year after his High School Class from Emmaus High School by taking a college English course and passing on another course.  After graduation he was driving his Mustang down Hamilton Street when his tire actually fell off.  He got out of his car saw the Marine recruiting station and asked the recruiter if he could get him out of town in ten days or less.  The recruiter asked him if he was in trouble and of course he was not but needed to get away.  Needless to say the Marines wanted to have him.  This did not make his Mom very happy but Doug finally found his way.  He wanted to be an MP and just like the service he ended up in the infantry.  During boot camp Doug broke his leg and did not tell anyone for three weeks because he did not want to redo Boot Camp.  He had his leg fixed and ended in a Recon Platoon.  Spent some time in Somalia and other countries protecting out country and our interests. 
         Doug eventually became an MP and did some interesting things.  He and his buddy decided that the Queen of England(because of a Meteor shower he was watching) needed their help so he under the influence of some Alcohol decided to drive to England.  However the Atlantic Ocean got in his way.  He put the Jeep in the Ocean making his superiors "extremely happy".  It sounded as if he really enjoyed the years he spent in the Marines. 
         Doug loves to Hunt and he loves his Motorcycles.  He lives a double life as a Financial planner by day for New Tripoli bank and Motorcycle enthusiast at night and on weekends.  He has three daughters and was recently re-married. 
         Doug's career had spanned 17 years in the Financial services industry.  He started at Edward Jones, left and opened his own business....sold it (still in operation today) and approximately three years ago started his career with New Tripoli bank and his office will be located on Buckeye road when New Tripoli Bank opens their location probably in Spring.  When you have a minute thank Doug for his service to our country and introduce your self. 
      We are trying to attach videos of our speakers and it will be coming soon.  Thank you for your patience.