January is Vocational Service Month
“Let us never confuse stability with stagnation.”
Mary Jean LeTendre
The Object of Rotary is a philosophical statement of Rotary’s purpose and the responsibilities of Rotarians. The concept of vocational service is rooted in the Second Object, which calls on Rotarians to “encourage and foster”:
Those objectives are:
  • To encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions, to recognise the worthiness of all useful occupations, to dignify the Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society.
  • To apply the ideal of service in personal, business and community life.
  • To advance international understanding and goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of businessmen and professional men and women united in the ideal of service.
Paul Harris wrote: "Each Rotarian is a connecting link between the idealism of Rotary and their trade or profession".
Vocational Service is the way Rotary fosters and supports the application of the Ideal of Service to the pursuit of all vocations.
It is the shared responsibility of both the Rotary Club and its members.

The role of the Club is to implement and encourage the objectives by its own actions in dealing with the community and by the development of projects that enable members to use their vocational talents in the service of the community.  The role of members is to conduct themselves and their businesses in accordance with Rotary principles, and support the Vocational Service projects that the club has developed.
During January, Rotarians are encouraged to focus on this important avenue of Rotary service.  Discussions on vocational service can lead to projects that not only develop the ethical consciousness and vocational skills of Rotarians but also the talents within their communities.  Vocational Service Month is an opportunity to begin year-long vocational service activities, ranging from Rotary discussions to awards to community projects.
Credit to District 7080 for this piece, I couldn’t have said it any better. President Mike
Last week's meeting snipits
We were presented with an awesome program to help new businesses and existing ones through Rotary.  Derrick outlined how the program works and the obstacles faced and conquered by new start-ups.  Rick Zayaitz and Mario Cozubbo are working from our Club to move this program forward.
Thought for the Day


This is our food collection week.  Joanne and Ashley are the new leaders of this great cause.
Here are this weeks needs;
As you're doing your grocery shopping or Spring cleaning this weekend, please keep in mind the following items that the Emmaus Food Pantry needs to support our community.
-Spam or luncheon meat  -Pasta sauce    -Applesauce in a jar
-Ketchup    -Mustard     -Mayo    -Pickles   -Relish
-Salad Dressings     -Salsa   -BBQ sauce
-Apple, Orange, and/or Grape juices in 24-36 oz bottles
-Cereal    -Snack cakes    -Crackers    -Cookies and snack items
NON FOOD ITEMS - bars of soap
Of course we'll also be collecting money to either purchase items for donation or to be given to the food bank for allocation as they see needs arise. 
Thank you!
Joanne and Ashley 
Lucky You, It"s Your Birthday
A hearty congratulations on your Birthday!
Let's celebrate our fellow Rotarian's who have birthdays in May:
Kabiru, Nelly May 08   Gould, Steve May 09 Lewis, Ralph  May 09
4 Way Speech Contest Volunteers Needed
Judges needed for our upcoming 4 Way Speech Contests:  No experience required.
Emmaus Rotary Club Speech Contest, March 19, 10 - 11 AM, Willow Lane Elementary School
North Region Rotary Speech Contest, April 2, 10 - 11 AM, Willow Lane Elementary School
Please contact Anthony Moyer if interested:, 610-295-7691
International Women's Day Celebration
Fellow Emmaus Rotarians,
As a follow up to the announcement I made at our club meeting last week regarding our Emmaus Club International Women's Day Celebration Awards, I would like to clarify that our club gives two Awards:  1) The Rotarian Award to a woman Rotarian from a Rotary Club in Areas 1 and 2 (the Lehigh Valley), and 2) the Community Award to a woman from the Lehigh Valley.
1. Rotarian Award - Only the Club President can nominate a Rotarian from their club; however, Rotarians from that club can make recommendations to the President.  A letter was mailed to all the Areas 1 and 2 club Presidents to submit nominations.
2. Community Award - Only us, Rotarians from the Emmaus Club, can nominate a woman from the community for this Award.  You should have received the nomination information either at the November 21 or December 5 meetings if you were present and picked it up as they were circulated around the tables, or by US Mail if you were not there or did not pick it up.
The deadline for nominations is January 21.
If you have any questions about this Award, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or call me at my cell phone 610-392-5134.
Our Committee looks forward to receiving your nominations for the Community Award. Thank you for your support.
Yours in Rotary Service.
Alicia Ruiz-Orbin
IWDC Committee Chair


As members we are all responsible for making each week's meeting a success.  Working the sign-in and EREY tables are a great way to get to know members.
PLEASE NOTE:  If you prefer NOT to be on this list or if you prefer NOT to be given a specific assignment, please let me Diamond Man Eric know via email.
The assignments below are selected from our membership list and are in alphabetical order (or close to it).  Should you be unavailable to make it to the meeting to fulfill your assignment, please do one of the following:
- Switch with someone else from another week.
- Contact another member to fill your slot.  Club Runner has our Member Directory.
- If either one of the above attempts is unsuccessful, please notify me ASAP.
May 12th.
Sign in Table  -  Mike Lahanas & Steve LaPierre
Greeter - Lorah Ashley
Invocation - Thought of the Day  (You can be remote for this) - Eric Loch
May 19th. 
Sign in Table  -  Jeff McElhaney  & Tony Moyer
Greeter - Stephen Motze
Invocation - Thought of the Day - (You can be remote for this)  Frank Mastroianni
May 26th
Sign in Table  -  Emma Ombima & Jean Onyambu
Greeter -  Ann Peaslee
Invocation - Thought of the Day (You can be remote for this)    Eileen Prokup
We now take credit cards.😁
Credit cards will now be accepted for breakfast. If you wish to use your credit card for breakfast, just sign in at the sign-in table and then go to Eric Loch so he can process your card for you.  P.S.  I will be out all of February.
Trumpet Editor
Please send all items and reports for the Trumpet to by Monday before the meeting.
Diamond Man Eric
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