President's Message
“Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in the world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on earth.”
– Roberto Clemente
I really enjoy the meetings when we have new member induction and Paul Harris awards.  A big welcome to Eileen and Keith as our newest Rotarians and more hands to do more service work in our club…yay!  This is also another indicator that we have survived the pandemic and are starting to thrive with new members, service projects and fellowship events.
It’s membership and new club development month so, once again, a reminder that we are all Finders.  We all know good people who would make good Rotarians so please use the referral form, send it to Courtney or Wade and the Recruiting Team will spring into action.
I also want to give a big thank you to the DEI working group that has put in many hours discussing what our club looks like now and how we can become more diverse in different ways going forward.  Next week’s presentation will be a report to the membership about the findings and recommendations of the working group so please make sure to be at BCC or tune in remotely. Also, as Finders we need to keep the chart of diversity examples in mind and now, per the working group’s April 22 discussion, the Peter Jones overview, and the DEI presentation, we should start to look for speakers who can continue to broaden our thinking about many different topics and ways for us to serve both locally and globally.
In Case you Missed It!
Turning Point Activity Service Meeting
Thanks to all of our Rotarians who came to the meeting at Brookside last week and helped put together the supply kits to benefit the women and children at Turning Point.
These welcome bags provide families with necessities to help them feel welcome and valued. The women will take of all of the items that we assembled into the bags and start their lives over. 
Thanks to Karen and Nicole for organizing the event!
Karen prepares the bags for assembly.
Keith writes a card of encouragement to the occupants of Turning Point.
Nicole helps guide the "baggers" through the process.
Our Speaker from Turning Point.
The Tables are loaded with the donations.
Our members assemble the bags for Turning Point.
Virtual Meeting Again this Week!!!!
Emmaus Rotary Club now has a MASK REQUIREMENT in place for our weekly meetings!  If you are attending the meeting in person at the Brookside Country Club, the ERC Board of Directors voted to impose a mask requirement for all future meetings.  You must wear your face masks in the building unless you are at your table eating breakfast.  We apologize for the inconvenience but we want to be as safe as possible for all of our members.  Thanks for understanding.
Please Note that if you are attending virtually please use the following ZOOM link! 
As always, Be Well and Stay Safe Friends, 
Sal Verrastro
Trumpet Editor 
As members we are all responsible for making each week's meeting a success.  Beginning this week we shall resume listing the weekly assignment in the newsletter so please see below to verify who has what in-person meeting assignments. PLEASE NOTE:  If you prefer NOT to be on this list or if you prefer NOT to be given a specific assignment, please let me (Sal) know via text, phone call or email.  I will respect any requests. 
The assignments below are selected from our membership list and are in alphabetical order (or close to it).  Should you be unavailable to make it to the meeting to fulfil your assignment, please do one of the following:
- Switch with someone else from another week.
- Contact another member to fill your slot.
- If either one of the above attempts is unsuccessful, please notify the Trumpet Editor ASAP.
September 16th:
-Table: Irvin Keister & Courtney Kennedy 
Greeter:  James Kenny
Invocation / Moment of Reflection:  Rory King
September 23rd:
-Table:  Robert Kraus & Mike Lahanas
Greeter:  Ashley Lorah
Invocation / Moment of Reflection: Jeffrey McElhaney
September 30th
-Table:  Anthony Moyer & Ann Peaslee
Greeter:  Karen Paules
Invocation / Moment of Reflection: Jean Onyambu
October 8th
-Table:  Jim Palmquist & J P Raynock
Greeter:  Eileen Prokop
Invocation / Moment of Reflection: Craig Reber
October 15th
-Table:  Meghan Reed & James Ritter
Greeter:  Gordon Reese
Invocation / Moment of Reflection: Doug Reichley
September Is....
September is Basic Education & Literacy Month

More than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. That’s 17 percent of the world’s adult population. 

Rotary International's goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy. We support education for all children and literacy for children and adults.

 "When you teach somebody how to read, they have that for a lifetime. It ripples through the community, one by one."

Mark Wilson
Rotary Club member



Do you like winning the raffle prize at the weekly breakfast?  Who doesn’t right?  But we need prizes to maintain the raffle each week.  So, we need your help.  We are looking to each Emmaus Rotary Club member to donate a weekly raffle prize of your choice if possible.  The prize value should be at least $20.  If you prefer to seek out donations from an outside vendor, please feel free to do so.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to the Trumpet Editor. Your donation can be submitted to either the Sargeant at Arms (AKA Don Blose) or the Trumpet Editor (Sal Verrastro)
Emmaus East Penn Feeding Program - NEWS!
Emmaus East Penn feeding Program exceeds our first fund raising goal!
Our Emmaus Rotary club has once again shown how  we all work together to support a community need. When we first started the feeding program the summer of 20 19 at Lincoln and Jefferson Elementary schools, we had no idea what the needs really were. We were providing lunches for roughly 33 children per week.  Then………… COVID 19 hit.  We continued the program and within a couple of weeks we went from 33 to 50 to 94 to feeding over 200 children/families per week!!!
Now this past school year  we have  provided over 8500 food bags filled with nutritious food such as, fruit, vegetables, starches, tuna, soup, milk and juice. Each week we have a group of Rotarian volunteers pack and distribute the food.
Our goal for fund raising for this first phase of the food project was to raise $20,000. We initiated a GOFuND ME page, received numerous individual community donations, and a couple of community grants.  Additionally we had our Super Bowl Fund raiser  and most recently our first ever “Beef ‘n Beer” Cornhole tournament.  With the new district  grant we  have been awarded through the Rotary Foundation our totally fund raising efforts for this worthwhile program will totally over $41,000-hopefully covering us for this next school year.
Thanks to everyone who has helped support our biggest local project!
Cindy Hornaman
Do You Have Perfect Attendance?
Smart phone ClubRunner app option:
Get the free ClubRunner Mobile app by keying “ClubRunner” into the app store you use.  Open the ClubRunner option and download the app.  Have your login and password handy to sign into your account. 
If you don't know your login and password, you can retrieve it using this link:
Click on the ClubRunner app on your smart phone and click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.  Select ‘My Attendance’ and see where you are in achieving perfect attendance for the 2020-2021 Rotary year. 
Laptop/PC option:
You can also get this information through the laptop/PC version of ClubRunner.
Get to the ClubRunner software by going to 
Click on ‘Member Login’ at the upper right corner and enter your sign in information [login ends in .6560 and your password], click on ‘Member area’ and you are in ClubRunner. 
If you don't know your login and password, you can retrieve it using this link:
If you have questions about your attendance, email Jim  with the data to indicate the system needs to be updated.
Making Up Emmaus Rotary Club Meetings                                                                                            2021-7-17
How to earn a Perfect Attendance Pin each Rotary year [July 1 to June 30].
You need to attend every Emmaus Rotary Club meeting that year or make them up. 
If you have to miss a regular weekly meeting of our Club, you can make up for that absence within 30 days before or after the meeting [effective 8-13-20 by Bylaws change] by following the options described below.  Members do not have to make up for times when our Club does not meet.
How to Make Up a Meeting at Another Club:
You can get credit for attending the meeting of another Rotary Club, anywhere in the world. It’s easy. Here are the steps:
Identify another club you would like to attend and find out when and where it meets.
To get meeting locations, times and days of the week clubs meet around the world, consult the Rotary International web site,, and click on the “Club Finder” button near the top of the screen. Or download the app ‘Rotary Club Locator’. 
When you arrive at the meeting place of the club you are visiting, ask for a makeup card to verify your attendance at the meeting. You will pay the cost of your meal at that club meeting.
At the next meeting of our Club, give the makeup card to our Club Secretary or just mail it to the Club Secretary. If you fail to obtain a card, our Secretary will accept your word; just give a written note/email when and where you made up the meeting.
NOTE: If you arrive to make up a meeting at another club and find that for some reason the club is not meeting at its regular place and time, you can still be credited with a makeup. Just explain the situation to the Club Secretary in writing.
There are other ways of making up a meeting:
•             For Emmaus Rotary Club members, you can watch a meeting video by searching for 
Emmaus rotary club YouTube   Email or give a note to the Club Secretary of when you watched it and give the Club Secretary $10 to earn a make-up.  Watch any video within 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the meeting you want to make up.  Of course, if you don’t need a make-up and want to watch a meeting anyway, that does not cost anything. 
•             Attending online classes you take run by Rotary like webinars and training classes from the RI website, for example. 
•             Attending a Rotary International or District Convention, assembly, or District committee meeting.
•             Attending a Board meeting of our Club, or formal Club Committee meeting.
•             Attending and participating in a board-authorized Club service project or a Club-sponsored community event or meeting, excluding social events like pancake suppers, hockey events, etc.
•             Attending e-club meetings.  E-clubs are on-line meetings/makeup opportunities that don’t involve attending an online meeting but usually involve up to an hour of reading/writing and typically a fee similar to what we pay for an ERC meeting.  E-clubs can be found online and some examples are:
o    < includes a list of e-clubs under the tab E-club Links
It is the member’s responsibility to keep track of their meeting makeups and be sure someone sent the Secretary their makeup information.  The Club Secretary records makeups received every week but is not responsible to monitor which meetings members have missed. 
Jim Palmquist, Club Secretary, Emmaus Rotary Club
Hello Fellow Rotarians!
At this week's meeting we are putting together supply kits to benefit women at Turning Point.  They need our help!
Survivors and their children often arrive at Turning Point of Lehigh Valley's Safe House Emergency Shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Welcome Baskets provide families with necessities to help them feel welcome and valued. All items that they receive, they will take with them as they start their lives over. 
This week, during our breakfast meeting at Brookside, we are making this a service activity meeting for all and put together these baskets. 
If you have any questions, you can contact Nicole and Karen at
See you all on Thursday!
Nicole and Karen
Emmaus Rotary Flag Program - You can Still Sign Up!
HOLIDAY FLAG PROGRAM - It is not too late to sign up for this new program which is designed to provide each recipient with an American Flag to be installed in your yard at each of the following US holidays.  For an annual subscription of $49, a 3' x 5' American Flag will be placed in a designated area in your yard and removed immediately after each date:
Memorial Day
Flag Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Patriots Day
Veterans Day
To sign up please use this link:
For more details, please contact Eric Loch!
Don't Forget - Shelterbox Fundraiser
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Sep 30, 2021 7:30 AM
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